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Autobus Diamante

Acapulco Diamante

Acapulco Diamante is one of the three regions in which they split the port of Acapulco in Mexico. It is an area of high competition due to its large tourist hotels and many restaurants and tourist attractions. Ver más

Acapulco Zona Diamante

Acapulco Zona Diamante is one of the regions that make up this Mexican tourist destination. Inside are some of the most imposing structures in the region, characterized by their modernity and elegance. Among the locations that are located wit... Ver más

Hotel Olinalá Diamante

Olinalá Hotel is characterized by a beautiful hotel, which has both rooms and villas with one or two levels, which have ample space to enjoy a fantastic holiday with all the comfort in one of the most exclusive areas of Acapulco. Ver más

Camino Real Acapulco Diamante

In a steep hill overlooking the bay of Puerto Marqués rises the majestic Camino Real Acapulco Diamante, an architectural ensemble that seems carved in the rock. Its various terraces arranged in several floors allow enjoyment of both the ... Ver más

Golf Acapulco

If you love golf, Acapulco has a variety of spaces to enjoy the practice of this unique sport, one of the most important is that offered by the Mayan Resorts Golf Acapulco, located on Avenida De Las Palmas 1121, Fraccionamiento Playa Diamante... Ver más

Acapulco Museum

If you want to visit a great museum, Acapulco offers you reach two important sites for the history and culture: in addition to being recognized as one of the tourist destinations of Mexico's most important worldwide by its wonderful beach... Ver más

Acapulco Tourist Areas

Despite being part of the same jurisdiction, the city is divided into different regions, known as the tourist areas of Acapulco. Thus, each sector has characteristics that distinguish it from other, facilitating the work of the tourists when ... Ver más

Acapulco Buses

In order to quickly complete the routes that separate the main attractions of the city, tourists vacationing in the land to find the best alternative means of transport: one of the elect are the buses. Acapulco is a destination south of the c... Ver más

Playa de Acapulco

Enjoy a nice moment on a beach in Acapulco, where you can experience the unique sensation of being in a paradise in which to relax and share with his family, away from the pressures of estrésy daily routine and work. Thus the sun, sea and sa... Ver más

Villages near Acapulco

After having visited different sites that are located in the city and its environs, one of the most enjoyable ways to continue your holiday is a walk through the villages near Acapulco. Characterised by its beautiful scenery and interesting v... Ver más

Vegetarian cuisine in Acapulco

While the holidays are often a time of relaxation that involves the abandonment of diets and food plans, there are people that even during their days off they want to respect a certain nutritional plan. In this scenario, the vegetarian restau... Ver más

Vegetarian Restaurants in Acapulco

In light of the culture that we see before our eyes move, there are certain commercial items that are experiencing significant growth. In turn, the influence of this novel current has passed through various sectors of the economy such as tour... Ver más

Villas near Acapulco

Many tourists tend to exhaust the potential of your holiday on the beaches of the city. However, around the village there is an interesting variety of attractions. Among the activities that foreigners overlook is the visit to villages near Ac... Ver más

Water sports in Acapulco

With the idea of harnessing the benefits of a clear blue sea and winds, many people move to the city for water sports at Acapulco. Both distant beaches and in the most central, we see a large turnout of young people who daily carry on various... Ver más

Fusion cuisine in Acapulco

The rise of fusion cuisine in Acapulco responds to a type of cuisine increasingly popular around the world. Thanks to the contribution of the best chef in the country, some restaurants in town offer a great variety of preparations that combin... Ver más

Bus stations in Acapulco

The significance of this tourist destination makes Mexican bus stations in Acapulco are key areas for development activity in the region. Given that visitors seeking the best alternative to reach their holiday destination, means of land trans... Ver más

Acapulco Wines

Within the market of typical local products, one of the areas that has the highest demand are the wines: Acapulco is a Mexican destination that has a lot of vineyards and wineries that are responsible for developing the best varieties in the ... Ver más

Adventure Tourism in Acapulco

Adventure travel in Acapulco is one of the main attractions for many travelers who arrive to this fantastic destination of the Republic of Mexico to experience strong emotions through extreme sports and outdoor activities and thus could be ; ... Ver más