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Acapulco Avenida Costera Miguel German

Generally, within each destination there are some arteries that focus on the major attractions of the city. In this case, Avenida Costera Miguel German (Acapulco grew around this axis) is the way in which they meet the most beautiful beaches ... Ver más

Shopping in Acapulco

Shopping lovers in Acapulco may satisfy their needs through the wide range of shops and malls, mostly located along the Costera Miguel Aleman Avenue, where there are shops devoted to jewelry, to clothing and more. Ver más

Nightlife in Acapulco

The intense nightlife in Acapulco invites visitors to enjoy the best moments in the various bars and nightclubs located on the Avenida Costera Miguel Aleman, making this a wonderful alternative perfect destination for lovers of night. Ver más

Calendering in Acapulco

Recognized at first glance because of their special characteristics, the larks in Acapulco are a very popular coaches among residents. Decorated with balloons of different colors, a pair of horses are responsible for giving an impulse through... Ver más

The best bars in Acapulco

Highlighted by its facilities and its exquisite tropical drinks, the best bars in Acapulco are an important part of tourist importance that holds this Mexican destination. Located around the Avenida Costera Miguel German, these facilities are... Ver más

Planet Hollywood in Acapulco

Planet Hollywood in Acapulco is an excellent choice for an unforgettable night of rock with the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. This elegant local German Avenida Costera Miguel brings together hundreds of tourists and residents who wish to tas... Ver más

American Bar Acapulco

Given the geographical proximity of this tourist destination with the United States, one of the most interesting alternative night is an evening in an American bar in Acapulco. These exclusive clubs are located mostly on the Avenida Costera M... Ver más

Italian cuisine in Acapulco

The cuisine in this Mexican destination is one of the emblems of tourism in the region. Within its excellent range of restaurants, local Italian cuisine in Acapulco offer a world-class quality that will satisfy their visitors. Located on the ... Ver más

Nado con Delfines

Swim and play with the Dolphins in Acapulco! We will take you to the CICI Water Park, located on the Costera Miguel Aleman, the arrival will receive a brief explanation of these incredible creatures. This will be a beautiful experience! The a... Ver más

Acapulco Carnival

Acapulco Carnival is one of the most important celebrations of this kind are carried out throughout the length and breadth of the country. Held in late February and early March, the event has an excellent participation. Among the most famous ... Ver más

Acapulco Playa Hornos

La Playa Hornos Acapulco each season brings most tourists visiting the city. Considered the oldest coastal area of this Mexican destination, the area stands as a fundamental part of the historical heritage of the region. People who want to en... Ver más

Cinemas in Acapulco

The cinemas in Acapulco pleasant entertainment permit after an interesting day on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Alternated in different sectors of the urban area, these facilities are equipped with the latest advances in technology: there... Ver más

Acapulco's main avenue

Around Acapulco's main avenue there is a very interesting range of different areas: culinary, clothing, gift shop, crafts, among others. Under the name of Michael German, this road can be connected between the main sectors and around the ... Ver más

Acapulco Attractions for children

Due to the international significance of the coast of southern Mexico, the various destinations that are located around they have had to meet rising tourist demand that passes through them. In this context, it became necessary to establish si... Ver más

Acapulco Plaza de Toros

According to tradition, the lands of this destination also offer visitors the cultural heritage of the nation: a clear example of this is the presence of a bullring. Acapulco is a city that, in addition characterized by the presence of beache... Ver más

Abraham Ramirez Gallery Acapulco

Along with its paradisiacal landscapes, art comprises a fundamental part of tourism in southern Mexico. Throughout the ages, the various manifestations of the man in charge have left a particular mark which allowed a subsequent reconstruction... Ver más

Acapulco Bingo

Despite the enormous prestige they have acquired the major casinos of the five star hotels, bingo halls have been installed in Acapulco as a more than interesting in relation to gambling. Within this panorama, the city has a modern space wher... Ver más

Acapulco night

The night of Acapulco offers a fascinating landscape around the elegant complement the local nightlife. Thanks to the diversity of such places, people on holiday can choose between several spaces that capture their interest. Ver más

The best nightclubs in Acapulco

While there are different voices to be considered on the best nightclubs in Acapulco, the majority of tourists who visited Mexico this destination overlap in three exponents of the item: Salon Q, B & B and Red Beard. Within this triad, foreig... Ver más